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working in hawai'i as a school psychologist


The position of School Psychology in Hawai'i is a District level position, one hired by the State of Hawai'i Department of Education (DOE). 

Applying involves creating an account with the State of Hawai'i's Department of Education's electronic Human Resources website (eHR). 

Searching open positions can be found under the Classified / Support Services Personnel Positions (External) section of the eHR website.

General Info on Working in Hawaii

Hawai‘i is an amazing place to work and live! The majority of school psychologists in Hawai‘i work within the public schools. Hawai‘i is unique in that we have one school district for the entire state, the Hawai‘i Department of Education. To find out about available positions and to apply, please click here:  https://ehr.k12.hi.us/hrprod/faces/p/ap/pages/ApJobPostings.jspx  (use keywords “school psychologist” to narrow down your results).

We recommend that you only apply to the island(s) where you are interested in living and working. The application process can be lengthy, so it is encouraged to apply early! Hawai’i hires school psychologists year-round. 

Hawai‘i school psychologists are considered “12 month employees,” and work year-round. School psychologists accrue personal leave and sick days each month, totaling 21 days of each per year, and take all state holidays (~14 or so per year). Typical work expectations include primarily conducting assessments, initials and re-evaluations, and providing consultation to teachers and support staff. It is typical to work across several school campuses. School psychologists are included in the Hawai‘i Government Employee’s Association (HGEA) union. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have! Send us an email at HASP808@gmail.com

School Psychology Internships

Historically, the Hawai‘i DOE has accepted school psychology interns and hired them into paid positions. Prospective intern students are encouraged to contact the District Educational Specialist (DES) of the district(s) of interest to inquire about opportunities for internship and availability before applying. Please contact us at HASP808@gmail.com for current DES contact information. 

There are currently no school psychology programs within Hawai‘i, so all interns have been accepted from out-of-state programs. The Hawai‘i DOE allows for a rich internship experience and will afford you opportunities to work with a diverse population in a beautiful setting. Upon internship completion you will be permitted to apply to available school psychology positions within the Hawai‘i DOE. Many of our interns have stayed in Hawai‘i after completing their internship year!

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