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  • Problems in student engagement: What can school psychologists offer?

Problems in student engagement: What can school psychologists offer?

  • 16 Nov 2020
  • 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Zoom


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This proposed webinar for school psychologists will initially address the problem of motivation for remote learning. It will cover the roles of the parent, teacher, and school psychologist in developing and implementing an individualized behavioral plan (see attached handout for generalities of this part of the webinar).

This webinar will then focus on the diagnosis of the following two factors (using the Cipani Behavioral Classification System) that often prevail with students who have difficulty engaging during instructional conditions: the instructional material is too hard (i.e., instructional mis-match) or it is way too lengthy for them. Of course, these factors are also endemic to in-person instruction. Therefore, the remainder of the webinar (and major part of the two-hours) will be concerned with remote and in-person deliveries. Two direct measures will be presented and depicted. The “fix” for each type of problem, i.e., interspersed tasks and tolerance training respectively, will be delineated.

Webinar Bonus: 

  • All participants (actually you can make this available to all state chapter members if you desire) will be able to download my diagnostic manual for use in their reports involving the above two factors, with the specifics of the numeric codes of each factor (function) contained in the gratis available pdf manual. This manual can also be provided free to all the school personnel at their respective schools.

  • Also, the slides are set up so that every school psychologist will be able to provide in-service training on this topic involving motivation and instructional factors to the teachers and other staff at their respective schools. 

PRESENTER’S BIO: Ennio Cipani, PhD, is the author of a popular text, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment (3rd edition, 2018) which was ranked #1 in the 10 best behavioral psychology textbooks by wiki.ezvid.com (May, 2020).  He is a co-author of the pioneering Cipani Behavioral Classification System for Children and Adolescents (Cipani & Cipani, 2019; free pdf for attendees) and has also authored a series of articles in Communiqué on functional behavioral assessment. Since 1983, Ennio has been a California licensed psychologist “who made house calls

”; he and his behavioral staff provided on-the-spot training of parents and teachers on specifically designed contingency interventions for the individual referral problems. Many of his real-life cases in homes and schools are chronicled in the above mentioned FBA text.

*Note: Each participant is required to register on their own. For CPD participants, in order to receive CPDs you must have your video on and be present during the presentation. Please make sure your internet options will allow for this. Members earn free CPDs for all events. CPDs are not available to non members. Registration will occur 8:30-9 with the session starting promptly at 9am. There is a $10 processing fee per purchase order and $10 cancellation fee for all of our online events. 

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